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Types of warts

Warts come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A wart may be a bump with a rough surface, or it may be flat and smooth. They look different and form on different parts of the body. Bye Wart! can be used for treating all kinds of warts, except for genital warts.


Common wart

Foot or plantar wart

Flat wart

Filiform wart

Water wart

Genital wart 



Water wart (Mollusca Contagiosa)

Water warts are caused by a different virus, called the Molluscum Contagiosum Virus (MCV). This virus is a member of the poxvirus group and causes clusters of warts on the body, arms and legs. They are skin coloured, pink or white pearl and gloss with a dimple on top. When pressed, a white substance emerges. Mollusca are annoying, unsightly and cause itching. The virus is very contagious and most frequently occurs in children and in adults with an impaired immune response.



  • Found on the entire body, mainly on the body, arms and legs
  • Skin coloured solid lumps that are translucent or white
  • Infection with this virus usually occurs in children and young adults.